How Cell Phone Home Security Works

Cell phone home security is still relatively new. The first cell phone came out in 1973, made by the company Motorola.Privacy concept Secure Access on smartphone 459675771 Now it’s commonplace for a household to have at least as many cell phones as there are people in the home, if not more. With how prevalent cell phones have become, cell phone technology has become extremely high in quality and speed of service. It sounds like the perfect setting to place a security system in, and in fact, it is. Some home security companies have grown so enthused over cell phone home security that they’ve switched their entire company over to cellular systems now.

Remote Control with Cell Phone Home Security

Cellular home security is pretty fantastic in that you are always connected to your home security system as long as you have your cell phone on you (which most of us do 24/7, no matter where we are). If you’ve got video surveillance in your security system, your cell phone can pull up the live feed for you. You can view the log of who’s accessed the front door through the electronic door lock. You can listen to the audio feed from your video cameras. And you can manage it all just by pressing a few buttons.

Cellular Systems Are Easy to Install

Cell phone home security is not complicated to set up like a wired home security system would be. All you have to do is install all the security devices as you desire – meaning, you plug them into the wall outlets or place them wherever you want around your home. Then you put an adaptor into the computer and set up your account, and it’s all set to run at the home. To set up the remote access, you may have to download an app, but that’s it – just grant your phone the access connection to the system and you’ve got your live camera feeds streaming into it as well as your other security features.

Automatic Notification when Security Breaches Occur

136169892How you choose to receive the notifications is up to you, but cell phone home security systems will notify you instantly when there’s a possible security breach. When a motion sensor detects movement, when someone opens the locked door, when a window is broken, when the garage door opens – whatever happens, when the sensor picks up on it, it’ll send you a message. This could even be a phone call, but it is usually a text message or picture/video message so that you can see what’s going on at home. Being able to be notified instantly gives you the time you need to rectify the situation before it gets critical. And you can use that information to show to local law enforcement if there is legal trouble to deal with in catching the intruder.

Cell phone home security is easy, convenient, and highly affordable. If you’re already paying for your cell phone, why not purchase a few home security cameras, put them around your house, and connect them to your cellular device? It’s a great way to protect your home without significant additional cost or constraints on your valuable time.